Best Gaming Headsets 2017

Written by Ahsan Raza

2017 is going to start and gamers will start looking for the best gaming headsets 2017 which can fulfill their needs.Everyone deserve best or top notch gaming headset if he is spending a lot of money or even one penny of his income(As one penny is also hard to earn for a hard worker but you will not get any gaming headsets in one penny).

As gaming headsets are the most important gaming peripheral out there so you can not pretermit anything regarding its sound quality or microphone quality or even surround sound quality. So we have tried our best to introduce you with some high tech gaming headsets which can snugly fulfill your preference or styles of gaming.

In this list of best gaming headsets 2017, you will see three different types of gaming headsets with respect to price, the expensive ones, some average price range gaming headsets and under $100 gaming headsets.

As you all know, what is meant by a gaming headset? So let's begin by assuming that you all have a comprehensive knowledge about headsets. But why we need a gaming headset if we have already some general headphones. There is a big difference between a gaming headset and headphones, a gaming headset has some extra features and button controls as compared to a simple headphone. You can listen to music as well from gaming headsets but can not play games with a simple headphone.

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A gaming headset has also surround sound features so that a gamer can listen to every single movement of enemies even the shimmering of petals can also have listened very clearly. So game enthusiasts need such headsets which can help them in a highly intense gaming session.

Now in this list of best gaming headsets 2017, you will not only see latest headsets but some old headsets are also mentioned because we have not found any better replacement for those headsets. The purpose of this list is to introduce you with some quality headsets which are not best for 2017 only but for life as well.

So let's have a look of this unordered list of best gaming headsets 2017.

1. Logitech G933


Logitech G933 is a wireless gaming headset which has a baronial sound performance and excellent mic quality. The Logitech G933 is rich with a number of extra features and can also be connected to any device in many ways.

Design and Features

The shape of the G933 is almost same just like its predecessors in an uneven pentagon way. The level of comfy is mind blowing with its soft padded foam earcups. These cozy earcups and headbands have mesh materials used in them which is breathable and never puts extra pressure on ears even for long gaming sessions.

The exterior of the headset is completely made of plastic which gives these headsets a glossy and satiny look which acts like eyecatcher. 

The right earcup has all the controls of the headsets, there are 3 programmable buttons, a volume control scroll wheel, Mic mute button, power button, a microUSB port and 3.5mm AUX port. While the right earcup has mic which can be flip down before starting communication.

The left earcup has hidden wireless USB receiver and right earcup has battery. You can pull USB receiver by opening panel of left earcup these panels are magnetically connected.

When you will turn on the G933 its G logo on each panel will start glowing and line of lights at the edge of each earcups will also start glowing. You can coustomize its colors lightning scheme through its software and can also synchronize its lightening scheme with other Logitech peripherals.


G933 comes with three different sets of cables for different functions. You can charge these headsets by using microUSb connection cable, you will also get RCA cable and 3.5mm jack cable for audio and Xbox one connections respectively.

Its wireless USB receiver has 3.5mm audio input which can take RCA cables stereo audio output as an input for headsets. The third 3.5mm jack cable can be connected with smartphones, xbox one or playstation 4 for complete audio features.

This headsets is compatible with all devices specially connecting these headsets with palystation 4 is very easy. You can also connect these headsets with your PC through 3.5mm cable.

Sound performance

Logitech g933 has 7.1 channel Dolby and DTS surround system. You can individually adjust each channel through Logitech G smart app when it is connected with PC. As some of you like more bass, little treble and have different taste in music. So its software also gives an Equalizer setting option to set the bass and treble performance according to your choice.

Audio mixing will have effective impressions on ears and its 7.1 channel are fully dedicated for the speaker system. You will get acoustic and general bouncy sound performance from these headsets.

The performance of G933 for gaming sessions is just remarkable. I can bet that once you will use these headsets you will become an addict of the Logitech G933. The sound of constant gunfires, rocket, bomb blasting and shells was just rocking and superb while playing BattleField 4, Serious Sam 3 and counter strike.

Its 7.1 channel surround sound gives you a sensible sound of screaming enemies and you can easily approach them.

The second most important thing is the mic quality of these headsets. The mic clarity of these headsets is just like a transparent glass means crystal clear sound performance. Its extra features make these headsets best for 2017 which are three programmable buttons, you can customize those buttons as you want. you can skip tracks ,attend calls and do a lot more with those three buttons.

One more thing there is not any need to stop the game for listening calls you can continue both things simultaneously and can also connect these headsets with more than one devices at a time. This headset has also got positive reviews from experts.

The G933 is good enough that most users won’t even notice a difference, and priced reasonably for a wireless headset. You can burn the money you’ll save on a Steam Sale. PCworld


In my point of view, Logitech G933 Artemis spectrum is one of the best gaming headsets even for 2017 also. Its elegant design, excellent sound performance, mind-blowing mic quality and plenty of connectivity options have made these headsets our editors choice for 2017.

2. SteelSeries Siberia 800


SteelSeries Siberia 800 is incredibly versatile gaming headset which is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox one and all others home theaters. The Siberia 800 is the modern gaming headsets of SteelSeries Siberia series which was started by the name H series wireless headsets.

  • 40 mm Neodiymum drivers.
  • upto 30m wireless range.
  • 20 hours battery timing and chargable battries.
  • 7.1 Dolby sourround sound system.
  • Retracthable mic.
  • Compatible with all gaming platforms.
  • 1 Year warranty for Americans and Asians and 2 years warranty for Africans.

Design and features

The design of the Siberia 800 is stylish but not much different from general gaming headsets. Its whole cover is made up of sturdy matte plastic that so why the earcups have a shiny surface. The company has tried its best to make these headsets comfortable as possible as they can.

The hight quality faux leather material is used to make its earpads soft cushy and headbands comfortable. But still, the weight of the headsets is a little bit heavier due to which after 3 to 4 hours of gaming you will start to feel pain on head or ears and will have to take some rest before continuing again.

SteelSeries Siberia comes with a flock of cables and attachments, which can be used to connect the headsets with Playstation 4 or PS3 , Xbox 360 or one and others devices even Apple TV. There are two swappable batteries and a transmitter as well.

You can swap batteries which will not only increase your gaming session but you can charge the extra battery while playing games. The Siberia 800 has 40mm Neodymium drivers to improve the sound quality.

The HUB is the main source of signals for this gaming headsets and has plenty of connectivity options on it. All you have to do is just tell the Hub that which platform you want to use via Knobs.

The headsets have only limited buttons on it there is a spin and click wheel for volume, a mic mute button which is also a power button and XBOX controllers jacks input.

The HUB has also plenty of options you can change the volume from there can see the battery life on HUB LED and can also charge the battery through the HUB. The hub needs USB power connection  to perform its features. It's innovative but little problematic to have a multifunctional button on headsets because sometimes if you want to mute mic it may turn off your headsets as well.

Sound Performance

The sound quality of its Neodiymum drivers is impressive. The bass is little bit punchy, mids are great and high remain crips no matters which ever game your are playing these headsets will soon make you feel that they are specially made for gamers.

If you compare these headsets with high end gaming headsets which are more expensive than may be you will find them better.If your are using stereo sound headphones and want to upgrade now than this gaming headsets is what you really dream for.

The sound of these gaming headsets is not so loud I will say that these cans have well balanced sound qulaity. But if you still want to change its sound you can do it form the software of steelSeries Siberia.

Its dolby virtual 7.1 surround sound feature is also pretty cool and impressive. As the gamers want to listen every slight movement of the enemies to set the directions of there guns and with the help of this headset you will gain what you really need.

The mic is hidden inside the left ear cup which is fully retractable. The mic quality is just good but not excellent.It's nice and clear and performs really well for online call making and audio recording but I really don't like its design because sometimes you have to move your mouth towards mic for making clear calls.The experts have rated these headsets best sound quality gaming headsets.

The sound quality on Siberia 800 is astounding, as it delivers great quality sounds. BeReviews


It is very difficult to decide whether this gaming headset is suitable for your or not. But its astounding sound quality, perfect mic performance, and astonishing transmitter function have made this headset our choice. But for the price side, these cans are a little bit expensive.

3. Sennheiser PC 373D


Sennheiser PC373D has shifted away from the problematic in-game difficulties to the most. The 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound feature engrosses you on your winning strategies. This acoustic gaming headset is a premium (superior in quality, higher in price and value) transducer. The Sennheiser flourished 373D a crispy design and is available in a portable lightweight bundle.

Sennheiser's PC 373D is a high-end open acoustic gaming headset that delivers incredibly immersive 7.1 Dolby surround sound and crystal clear gaming communications thanks to its high-quality noise-canceling Microphone. Sennheiser

The extreme comfort links you to something like an absolute perfection in your whatever doings. The mushy velvet ear cushions and headbands make you go through an utterly comfortable wearing environment which lasts you to relish long gaming routines.

Sound Quality

The sound quality intervenes and enriches hearing capabilities. The 7.1 Surround Sound never puts a gamer back in this regard. The noise-canceling factor overcomes the noise to enter into the ears and provide a platform for playing a fully focused game.

The Microphone enables you to have a conference call. This is designed in a bendable fashion. The Mic can't pull off when listening to music but can be flipped up to mute your voice or when it is not getting used. I have an issue with this, it does not deliver as much pure voice as the Astro A50 gaming but still outputs crystal clear tone.


This is a USB supported sound device which is equipped with a stand-alone PC app. This app operates with Dolby 7.1 surround, Mic noise-canceling, EQ settings, and sidetone volume as well. Any device which supports USB connectivity is able to deal with PC 373D headsets.


It's very hard to say that PC 373D is a perfect match to dip you into whatever you expect from a headset because it is a little bit pricey but yes this will optimize your experience to the somewhat A-plus level. The sound quality, portability, surround sound, comfortability features blend together to put you enjoy the music and gaming sessions.

4. Razer ManO'War Gaming Headset


Razer ManO'War gaming headset is not the world number 1 gaming headsets but they are supremely fantastic ,portable and stylish gaming headsets on this planet. This gaming headset will enhance your experience and will take you to the new era of games. 

Design and Features

The Razer ManO'War is a black chunky, dwarfing gaming headset. The ear pads are leatherette plushy which can cover even big ear very softly. A big razer logo is emblazoned on both earcups which can blink in many different colors.

Both earcups are connected with a black plastic headband which has also RAZER name emblazoned on it. The headbands also have leatherette pad which is very comfortable and fit securely with maintaining the equilibrium of both earcups. 

There is a clickable volume wheel on the right earcup which can also mute or unmute the headset. There is a small hollow port for USB receiver which can be hidden there when not in use. The left ear cup has also a scroll wheel which can be used to set the microphone level. This earcup has also charging port, a power button an LED indicator and retractable microphone.

After unboxing, you will get some user manuals along with charging cable, transmitter dock, and manO'War gaming headset. Its wire is about 2 meters long.The wireless range of this gaming headset is 40 Feet. 

  • 50 mm neodymium magnets drivers are used in this headset.
  • 20Hz-20Khz is the frequency responce of ManO'War.
  • 40 feet wireless range.
  • 14 hours battery timing with lightning and 20 hours without lightning.
  • 2.4 Ghz is a wireless frequiency of this headset.


Razer manO'War is compatible with MAC, PC, PlayStation 4 but not with Microsoft Xbox. All you have to do is just connect the transmitter with free USB port headsets will start a connection  with the device. You can install its synapse software on your PC and from there you can customize everything for this gaming headset. You will have plenty of options fro setting the lights for its logo.

Sound Performance

This gaming headset has orotund sound quality. Its 50mm drivers have a powerful bombastic effect of sound for games. The voice of gunshots, missiles, bombs gives a real taste of gaming hours. These drivers have a deep bass performance with high frequency and high mids response.

I have tested this gaming headset with Battlefield 4, counterstrike and Max Payne 3 and its 50mm neodymium drivers just rocked. Its sound quality is superb. The surround sound quality of Razer ManO'War is impressive I was able to notice the screaming of enemies, their footsteps and was able to identify the direction from where enemies were coming. So its 7.1 surround system is pretty awesome.

The mic of manO'War is very flexible that you can easily move your head in any direction. The quality of the mic is best as compare to all of the above-mentioned gaming headsets. You can't use these gaming headsets with your mobile devices but still, the performance of these headsets for music listening is excellent.

  • The only issue is you will feel these headsets little heavier or warm due to leatherette head pads after 3 to 4 hours of gaming sessions. This issue is not so common with everyone but still issue is issue.


Now it's time to recommend these headsets or not. These headsets have a price tag of $169 which is the well deserving amount for such an awesome headsets. Its powerful sound and superb mic quality will do the job for you very nicely but G933 Artemis Spectrum is little expensive but much better then manO'war. But if you will go with these headsets they will never disappoint you.

5. Tritton Katana HD 


Mad Catz Tritton katana HD is the most garish gaming headset. It's elegant and stylish look has made these headsets a very strong competitor in the list of 2017 headsets.

Design and Features

The Tritton katana headset is the first ever gaming headset which has wireless HDMI surround sound. The frame of the headset is completely made up of smooth plastic. A soft memory foam is used on both earcups and head pads.

The level of comfort with these head pads is just awesome and highly suitable for long gaming sessions. Its earcups can be adjusted in any direction and headband is very stretchable. There is a detachable microphone on its left earcup.

After unboxing you will get 4 different cables , a power cable for the base unit, an HDMI cable, cable to connect with a device having 3.5 mm jack and a charging cable. You will also get a base unit transmitter which has a big clickable button on it and ports for power , HDMI and 3.5mm jacks on the back side.

On the microphone, there is also a 3.5mm jack to share the online instructions with your other companions. There is a button on the mic which can be used to mute or unmute the mic.

Both earcups have a volume dial on them one can be used to increase the volume of the chat and another one can be used to increase the game volume. Following are the major features of this gaming headset.

  • 7.1 sourround sound channel
  • 15 hours battery timing.
  • Wireless base station having HDMI input and out put ports.
  • Fully adjustable earpads and microphone in any direction.
  • DTS headphones and X technology for 3D sound.

There are three 3 EQ settings buttons to change the gaming mode into music listening mode and chatting mode.The power button is just slightly above the earcups on the headband which is a good step so that you never misclick power button while playing games.


There is not any need to worry about the connection of this gaming headset because due to HDMI feature this gaming headset is compatible with all the major gaming platforms. Tritton katana gaming headset is compatible with PS4, Xbox one, Wii U, PC, Blu-Ray Disc Player and PS3.

To connect these headsets with any gaming device all you have to do is just plug the HDMI cable into the gaming device and its base unit after that turn on headsets and it will be connected to transmitter automatically.

Sound Performance

Tritton katana is the first ever gaming headsets which have the combination of both DTS headphones X technology and HDMI to deliver the impressive 7.1 surround sound.

The market has a spacious collection of 7.1 surround sound gaming headsets but Tritton is different from all those because it claims to have 8 channel instead of six standard channels. So it can offer 360 degrees sound with its 50 mm powerful drivers.

We can not take the sound performance of a gaming headsets for granted. Tritton katana sound performance is really well at normal volume  but if you will goes on increasing the volume it will start producning high bass and high mids while the crisp remains responsive.

The voices of gunshots , missiles feel like they are flying just above your head which give a realistic taste of games. Now matters which game is you playing these gaming headset are very responsive and have powerful sound system.

As those gaming headsets which have surround sound are not 100% accurate. But Mad Catz katana have made a  big difference but for some games, it is still not really perfect. This gaming headset was unable to give a real taste of the multi-channel experience. it gives a clear sense of direction of incoming noises.

Its uncompressed audio system has made a clear difference in sound quality. The speakers control the sound very nicely and I never noticed any kind of sibilance or distortion even at high volume.

Its mic is omnidirectional and what a piece of engineering it is. It gives a constant and balanced vocal quality. I think for online calls this is the best mic ever used by Mad Catz productions. As the experts says

For now, if you don’t mind appearance or several questionable design decisions, the Katana HD offers some of the best gaming sound on the market. Just make sure you have enough open ports for installation! Gadget Review

  • The only issue which I found in this gaming headset is there is not any option for audio customization although I never felt the need for it but still some of the gamers want to tweak their headsets in their own way.


This is average gaming headset have full stereo sound quality with HDMI feature. So this is a perfect choice for gamers apart from customization options this is a well-balanced gaming headset. No compatibility issue never noticed any distortion and it is a very comfortable gaming headset. 

6. Astro Gaming A50


Astro gaming A50 is still the most expensive, comfy and stylish gaming headset in the market. Although it is a very old gaming headsets but its latest version is coming in October 2016 which will also be compatible with PlayStation 4.

Design and Features

Just like its other versions Astro gaming A50 upcoming edition has also solid design  with a black blue combination of colors. Its earpads are very comfortable made up of memory foam that you will never feel any pressure on ear even if you wore these cans for a long time.

A metal material is used on these cans for adjusting them according to head size. The headband has a very soft memory foam which gives extra comfort to head even if you feel these cans little heavier due to metal material its headband will never let you down while playing games.

The right ear cup has a volume wheel on the back and above that is a power button and preset buttons for the headset. There are three modes which are for movies and music, standard games and for professional shooters. You can change these modes by using its presets buttons.  

While the left ear cup has a charging port and 3.5mm port. There is a microphone on the left ear cup which is very flexible and solid.

Out of the box, you will get a charging cable for the headset, a charging cable for its transmitter, an Xbox one connectivity cable ,a transmitter, Astro A50 gaming headsets, headset stand and an optical audio cable. So this gaming headsets is lavishly equipped with accessories.

Its transmitter has number of ports to connect with different gaming platforms. These gaming headset have 7.1 dolby sourround sound system which is very immersive.


The connection of Astro A50 gaming headsets with gaming platforms is very simple. Just plug the audio cable into its transmitter input port and in your PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox one or any other mobile devices after that put the USB cable into the transmitter and connect with your PC.

Once your transmitter is charged just turn on the headsets both headset and transmitter are pre-paired you can tweak some setting from your PC. This is all you have to do for connecting this headset with your devices.

Its transmitter has five ports for different types of connection and they are  AUX port, optical in and out ports, a microUSB port, and a standard USB port. Both headsets and transmitter have a non replaceable battery which can be charged and gives the timing of up to 21 hours for continuous gaming sessions.

Sound Performance

The sound performance of Astro A50 gaming headsets is always mind blowing. There is not any limit of sound quality for these headsets. I think this is the reason that people got mad for buying these headsets even for 300 dollars.

We have tested BF4 edition of these gaming headsets for Battlefield 4, counterstrike and MaxPayne 3, the performance of its speakers for gun shells, rocket fires, missiles and bombs was just beyond the limit. It's never ending bass response and high mids and fantastic crisp response make you feel that you have spent your $300 at the right place.

Its 7.1 Dolby surround sound system is also beyond the scope. You can easily locate the enemies location and can turn their attacks into their own death. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the movie with its versatile sound quality.

This is exactly your need that you want to know the enemies rockets coming toward you before they rip your face and put you at the start of the level. It's highly 5.8Ghz wireless technology will give you all the incentives of the real gaming zone.

The mic quality of these gaming headsets is crystal clear. You can make online calls with full of clarity and high vocals. The mic can be adjusted in any position that you want.

  • As the metal material is used in these gaming headsets so maybe initially you will find these headsets little heavier but with the passage of time you will be addicted of its weight.


I think there is nothing unique or new in these gaming headsets so spending $300 is silly to act when you can get other gaming headsets having same features like Logitech G933. But it's loud and distortion free sound quality and comfy earpads with maximum battery timing and 40 t0 45 feet wireless range make these headsets our editors choice for 2017 leading headsets.

7. Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament


Turtlebeach elite pro gaming headset is the first ever gaming headset for the eSports athletes. The company has combined 50mm drivers with an adjustable and comfy frame which is compatible with almost all the gaming platforms. The elite pro gaming headset is little expensive but it is a steep investment that most of the professional gamers are willing to make.

Design and Features

The elite pro is a chunky gaming headset which is specially made for long gaming sessions. The elite pro gaming headset has a combination of black and orange colors with lots of moving parts.

The top of this gaming headset is made of memory foam and its ear tips have also ring memory foam which gives a gel-infused soft touch when you put these headsets on ears.

The whole frame is made up of plastic and metal mixture which gives a glossy look to these headsets. The headband and earpads have a mixture of fabric and leather to make elite pro most comfortable headset on this planet. As the experts says

The thick, gel-infused Aerofit ear cushions have a soothing cool touch to them when you first put them on — like that of a frozen gel pack for a bruised knee, just with less freezer burn. Michael Andronico

As I said elite pro has plenty of moving parts so you can move its headbands in a vertical direction and can also rotate its earcups in any direction to make them easily fit on your ears for a long time. A comfort tech system is used in this gaming headset to make it fully adjustable for any head size.

Out of the box, you will get some user manuals and only cord with a microphone. There is a dongle on its left earcups as well which can be used for multiple connections. All controls are given on its cord which has an inline remote control to mute the mic or change the volume.

This is a stereo headset but if you will buy tactical audio controller you can use 7.1 surround sound system as well. This audio controller has plenty of options on it. Turtle beach has also noise cancelling microphones for these headsets. So if we buy all these things that this gaming headset will become very expensive.

Sound Quality

You can connect Elite pro with any gaming device by using its 3.5mm jack cable. Its cable gives you both down stream and upstream audio. The PC users will need an extra adapter to convert two jack system and some old Xbox user may need an adapter both of these adapters are available with extra cost.

The sound quality is the strongest area of Elite pro tournament gaming headset. The mids are controlled very strongly with high bass and balanced crisp response. I tested this gaming headset with Battlefield 4 and counterstrike the result was surprisingly admirable.

Its 50mm Nanoclears Tm speakers deliver more accurate and efficient sound of gun shells, missile, and vehicles. Now matters I was tussling or keeping my ears on others the elite pro tournament gaming headset was just like an atomic power for me because I was able to know each and every movement of my enemies with clear sound and not overwhelming bass.

If you use a tactical audio controller with these headphones then surround sound feature will be clearer. You can customize its sound as you want by using its controller.

Its original mic quality is not so good for making calls. But I will not recommend its noise cancelling extra cost microphone because both microphones are not so good to use. But for starters or for average gamers the original microphones which come with the headset is fair enough.

Its microphones is a stifle, noisy and a little grouchy which don't even deserve to be called a microphone.


I will not recommend this gaming headset for $200 because there is nothing new or unique in this gaming headset. The only strong area is its sound but it is also not customizable without a tactical audio controller.

The mic quality is not so well. Elite pro headset is not even closer to Tritton Katana or Logitech G933 or razer ManO'war.I think this gaming headset don't deserve $200 dollars if you really need a  microphone. Apart from microphone, this is very comfortable and superb gaming headset for average gamers.

8. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset


Sony PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset is the first official gaming headset for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 having virtual 7.1 surround sound options in affordable price. This headset was launched in 2014 but its demand and popularity among the user has increased its value.

Design and Features

It's sleek and flexible design is a combination of black and blue colors. As its name has a word gold which means it should have gold color but there is not such thing. A solid headband which is made up of plastic has earcups on each end which are movable up and down so you can adjust them as you want because there are plenty of notches for adjustment.

Both of these earcups can be folded inside the headband and you can easily carry them anywhere by putting them in the pouch.

The left earpiece has all the controls of the headset you can turn on or off,increase the volume,toggle between two different modes of the headset, enable or disable the surround sound and can charge these headsets as well.

As gaming headsets must have a microphone and you might be thinking that where is its microphone so don't be depressed these headsets have hidden microphone which is super fantastically awesome in such range of price. The faceplates of this headset are replaceable.

Out of the box, you will get some user manuals, 3.5 mm long about 5 feet cable, a charging cable and a USB dongle for wireless connection.You will also get a pouch for these headsets as well.

Comfort wise these headsets are mind blowing a soft memory foam is used on both earpads. The weight of these headsets is very low that you can play easily long gaming sessions without any pressure on ears.


The sony gold stereo headset is specially made for Playsattion 4 and PS3 users but you can also use this with your mobile devices. The connectivity is very simple and easy there is not any hub for signal transmission all you have to do is just plug its USB dongle in your PS and start enjoying the fun.

You can also download a software Companion App which can be used for more customization.

You can make your own profile for different games although it has some default profile for a shooter ,hip-hop etc. You can also customize its audio through this app. The wireless range of these headsets is not so bad I was able to use these headsets even at a distance of 25 feet.

Sound Performance

As most of the expensive headsets have damn good sound quality which can not be expected from the cheaper headset but Sony Gold stereo headset has beaten many expensive headsets in its sound quality. Whether we were playing Killzone or counterstrike , the screaming of enemies and shadow fall was electric.

Even the mellifluous sound of petals was heart winning. We are really impressed by the sound quality of this headset. But its volume is not so loud and default bass response is also just normal not so low not so high.

So you can increase or decrease its bass response through its app and can bring lots of changes to its sound quality. The mic quality as I have already mentioned is super fantastically awesome. You can make crystal clear online calls and can chat with your friends while playing a multiplayer game.


If you are a PS4 or PS3 player then don't waste the time on digging for the better headset because Sony gold stereo headset is not only under $100 but also is the best deal in the market. This is an old but still Gold gaming headset in the market.

9. VOID RGB Wireless Dolby 7.1(EU)


Corsair has introduced many gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice and headsets. None of these devices are lack of quality and performance. At this time, I have VOID RGB Wireless Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headsets (EU). As this RGB, so, we have 16.8 million colour schemes and we can configur the colours usnig CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software.

Design and Features:

First of all, I would acknowledge one thing that such electronic devices cannot be affordable with the each passing day. For this purpose, Corsair introduced VOID Dolby 7.1 with metal designated body.

Now you can think that if headsets are made up of by Metal then this would be heavy weighted. So answer is, "Yes", but still comfortable enough to wear for prolong period of time. Ear-Cushions fits in such a way that once you wear this then you are in broken relation with this world.

Each and every spoken word, while playing games or listening music, is crystal clear. You can take rapid action with the prompt understandings. 

The hinges are furnished with metal and ear-cups are movable only in the forward direction which means you can place this headset either on the desk, hang around the neck or put it on your chest.

There is an adjustable Microphone and can be controlled by pushing the mute button engineered on the right of the ear cushion. The Mic is made up of by Hard and high-quality rubber material. Another important feature is, there is a USB cable of 3 meters of length. For the audiophiles, this headsets is as pretty and durable as they wish to have.

VOID RGB Wireless Dolby 7.1 (EU) comes up with a utility of adjustable headsets means if you have giagantic head, you can easily adjust the size by strecheing or spreading these.

As I mentioned before that this is an RGB headsets, so you can manually configure colours by downloading CUE software. Through this you can strictly set up lighting appearance like ripple, wavy or other.

Another mind blowing feature is InfoMic with which I, first, was not aware of but when I used this, I came know that for what purpose this is constructed on it. This InfoMice means there are LEDs on the Mice which provide critical information related to headsets like battery status, EQ settings, microphone mute status and Dolby. Isn't it an ultra excellent feature? For me yes it is.

Sound Performance:

These RGB USB headsets use 7.1 surround sound which delivers lethally accurate audio. VOID Dolby 7.1 with efficient 50mm neodymium drivers generate stunning base. This could be an obvious and ultimate choice for the gaming enthusiasts.

Now here comes the noise cancelling feature within Microphone. The microphone is totally noise-effective. Now you can communicate without any interruption or distraction.

10. Razer Kraken Pro


Razer Kraken pro is the name of simplicity which is offering a very comfortable,sleek and high-quality sound performance for a decent price.  This is not the latest headset but as it is affordable and has very comfy design so we have included it in our list of 2017 gaming headsets.

Design and Features

As we are talking about headsets so it is obvious that a headset will have a shape which can be easily adjusted on the head so engineers can not make a unique or something different therefore the shape of any gaming headset is always same and will be same always.

So the main difference is the material  used for constructing gaming headset. The Razer Kraken Pro is made up of neon and plastic which has memory foam earpads. The weight is very low that you will never feel any pressure on the head while playing games as razer claims that this is most comfortable gaming headsets they have ever made.

There is the only retractable mic on its left earpiece. This gaming headset has not any control on its earpiece all you have to do is change the volume from your device or mute from there as well.

You can also increase or decrease the size of the headset because it has many adjustable notches. Its earcups are bendable so you can take these headsets anywhere.

Unboxing this gaming headset is very strenuous because this is packed in many plastic boxes inside a box. You will get some user manuals a Razer sticker a 4.3 feet 3.5 mm jack cable and a 6.6 feet PC adapter which extends the cable to almost 11 feet. You can connect this by just plugging the PC adapter in PC.

  • As there is not any button on this wire gaming headset so maybe It will be overwhelming for you to change the volume or mute the headset from your device.
  • The second thing is as its mic is retractable but it's not so easy to pull off the mic while putting headsets on the head due to low weight and also sometimes it's mic looks little absurd.

Sound Quality

Gamers become little suspicious when a cheap gaming headset claims that it has fantastic sound quality.

This is ridiculous, it is true an expensive gaming headset has always some better features and superb sound quality because they are charging for It but It doesn't mean that a cheaper gaming headset will always have bad sound quality sometimes simplicity works much better than an expensive charming gaming headset.

It's 40 mm stereo drivers control the bass very responsively and strongly. Now matters you are playing a game or listening to music the crisp response is accurate and balanced,the high and mids of vocals have full clarity.

This gaming headset never pinched me even when I cranked up the volume I never ever noticed any sound distortion.

Its boom microphones quality is also fantastic. My voice sounded clear and crisp but for recording purposes, there will be little ambient noise in the recording because mic has not noise cancelling feature.

This gaming headset is primarily made for gaming purposes so for gamers who can not afford expensive headsets can freely go for this one.

11. HyperX Cloud Revolver


For the gaming community Cloud family introduced another headsets which are kind of beast. According to experts, a gaming headset must be cozy enough to wear for long period of time and sound qaulity richly matters for listening threats even from a longer distance while playing games. Our deep experience claims that HyperX Cloud Revolver is a perfect match.

​Design and Features

With little bit bulky weighted this prince of bass comes with steel made headbands. Inside steel band, there is a foam made elastically adjustable headband which symbilizes comfy side of Revolver gaming sensation.

Although whole body is not made up of steel but this is a durable product deliver by Cloud family. Both the Ear-cups are dynamically engineered by sturdy plastic material. Yes, there is a detachable Microphone which has 3.5mm jack furnished by high quality rubber.

This microphone is stunningly adjustable, the rubber material is easily settled to the place where someone wants to adjust.

Initially, at first glance, I thought that the big red circle on both the ear-cushions would light up but there was no such kind of drama. HyperX Cloud Revolver is a magnificent piece of engineering in the world of music and gaming. It also incorporates an adapter which is a microphone clip.

Its lengthy cable stuck by two 3.5mm jacks,in which one is for audio and the second one behaves for the microphone. The original cable which is not detachable is of 3ft of length and if you want to make a distance of 6.5ft then use the aforementioned adapter and connect it to the original 3ft long cable.

The adapter includes audio adjustment along with mute and unmutes button on it.

As far as the noisy environment is concerned, if you are seated in a crowd then don't bother, the noise cancelling feature won't let you down. Headband and Ear-cups are leather designated and if you have used Cloud and CloudII, you can easily calculate the comfort level of this edition of Cloud family.

Sound Quality

Roughly speaking we don't play games all the times, and if we do so then, believe me, Revolver gives you a complete hand of listening even a vague and audible voice. Through this kind of sensitivity, we don't miss a chance to become winners and deceive enemies.

We have a full control of having a sight on each movement of enemies. I, frequently, play GTA Vice City, MaxPyne, and H1Z1 King of the Kill and gaming enthusiasts can know how much troubles and hurdles we have to surpass by killing our enemies during all of these games.

We are been able to pass out all the aforementioned in-game threats by immersive audio sound provided by HyperX Cloud Revolver.

Now let's have some benchmarks regarding music, now this is a full-time rappers era. To be honest, most of the times I do have a complaint that I could not understand most of the words in rapping songs. With ultra clarity and neodymium drivers, Revolver resolved my problem. Cloud this family member covers ears completely and then gives what we expect from the headsets.

12. Turtle Beach PX24


Before starting a proper review of Turtle Beach PX24, I have a confession of experiencing this gaming headset for 4 consecutive hours. After a deep compilation, i decided to go for an apprihended review. The reason is very obvious, I'm excited and happy because i found this quality headset not only with almost all the inclusive specifications but also in such a low prices. And thats what makes me wonder.

Design and Features

Let me tell you at the very beginning of this article that as far as design is concerned, I was not so impressed. But this disliking was not as a whole but partially. Because the headband half part, which used leather material, is not so elegantly designed.

The upper part of the headband is situated by leather and internal part is made up of soft foam. Besides all the above leather and foam section, Turtle Beach PX24 has an aesthetic appearance. The Ear-Cushions and the hinges are of plastic.

Overall the very focused headsets are durable, 10/10 performnce delivering and tremendously designated substance.

Feature wise, this unexceptionally includes almost each and every control a gamer could have wished. For example, Microphone,mute button, volume control unit, bass boost, sorround sound and so on.

Now the hardware of backbone importance is a controller which is named as SuperAmp. This SuperAmp looks just like a remote and work as a remote and if we say that this is a wired remote then this won't be any wrong claim. But keep one thing in mind this is not a remote like some TV, AC or DVD remote.

This SuperAmp has a 3.5mm jack connectors and is rechargeable with an accessories cable of 1 and a half feet long. This controller gives you a full control of four important features like volume, mic, bass boost and virtual surround sound.

On the right side there is a roller which adjusts all the above 4 specified specs at a wishing postion. On the bottom of the aforementioned controller there are two more buttons one is for the mute and unmute the second one is the SuperHuman Hearing which allows you to hear even a footsteps from distant sights and gunshots and so on.

You can set your all the controls customizeably. The SuperAmp can be recharged and used for 30 hours.

I want to make you aware of that you must have XBOX newer version which supports 3.5mm jack connector otherwise you would have to replace either Headsets or XBox. The second option would be better because XBox is less pricey.

Sound Performance

As you can read above article related to Turtle Beach PX24 and figure out that this is tweakable bassy and boomy headset with 50mm neodymium ear-cushions.

This is gaming headset so perfect for games but what if we have to listen to rapping songs of Pitbull,Devlin and such kind of fast speed full of bass singer's songs. My personal experience says that this gaming headsets Turtle Beach PX24 would not let you down at such a low prices.

Final Verdict:

Literally, the above list of Best Gaming Headsets 2017 is contained our own selection based on modern gaming requirements. We tried our best to uncover all the facts and need more recommendations from viewers.

If you have anymore best gaming headset in your sight, share your views with us and we will appreciate your recommendations. And if you have any kind of ambiguity regarding this list of 2017's Best Gaming Headset, you can simply comment below and that would be an honour for us. You can also read best cheap earbuds.

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  • I owned a set of the G933s and I have to say that they were too tight on my head and not comfortable. The build quality was so so for a $200 headset I would expect a better build quality. The sound was probably the only good thing about them, they sounded pretty good, but a tad on the bright side.

      • The truth is that I was about to buy the g933 but now that the g533 left, I do not know which one to choose. What is the best wireless headset?

        • Hy Hector,
          G533 has mix reviews. The only thing due to which I will turn from G933 to G533 is its analog audio. Also, the volume control wheel of G533 is much better than g933.
          Being a wireless headset G533 performance is much better than G933. Soon we are going to include g533 as well in our list.

  • Hi, I’m still undecided between g933, siberia 800 and man o’war. Basically they’re in the same price range, I just want the best wireless headset for gaming, not music. Which one do you recommend?

  • I bought the G933 to replace my aging Sennheiser PC333 (Excellent headphones).I don’t use them often anymore, instead, I am looking at the Sennheiser PC373D or the GAME ones. How come you don’t have any Sennheiser in your list?

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