Best Cheap Earbuds

Written by Ahsan Raza

It's really hard to find the cheap earbuds which are best in quality, durability, and sound. As you know that most of the smartphones have earbuds with them as well but those earbuds have a lack of quality.

That so why we need cheap earbuds which are available for the same price but are much better than smartphones earbuds. We have categorized our list of cheap earbuds in three ranges of price.​

  • Best earbuds under 50
  • Best earbuds under 30
  • Best earbuds under 20.​

Our first list of best earbuds under 50 has most of the earbuds in the range of $40. But before reading reviews of each earbud I just want you to know some key points or quality standards of choosing the best earbuds.

It's true that most of the things which are expensive are comparatively much better than cheap things. Same could be the case with earbuds. But our focus is to give you the best list of earbuds in the affordable range of price.

There are three main points which are really important for choosing any earbuds and those points are,​

As sound quality is the main purpose of any headphones. So before buying any headphone make sure that its sound performance is really what we are looking for?​

In our list of best cheap earbuds, you will notice that all the earbuds have awesome sound quality. This is because we have tested them and these are the selected options from many others earbuds.

Eartips are comfy or not?. As most of the earbuds which come with smartphones have plastic or hard ear tips which are really painful for ears. You can not listen to music continuously using those earbuds.​

So before selecting any earbud check that its ear tips are made up of silicon or any other soft material. In our list, most of the earbuds have silicon ear tips which are really comfy.​

Sound Isolation.As its always annoying when we need to increase the volume in crowded areas so that we can listen to music or calls properly. Most of the earbuds have very strong grip in ear canals that they never let the noise to come in.​

​We have also selected some of the noise canceling earbuds. But sound isolation means that others will not be able to listen what you are listening and at the same time earbuds act as a noise canceling.

Apart from these above points, you can also check whether earbuds are sweat proof or not. It's up to you that whichever you select but one thing remembers as you are paying for it so you have rights to check it.

I think now you have a mindset that which type of earbud you need. So let's have a look of best earbuds under 50 first.​


Cheap Earbuds


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​Denon Ah C50 MA


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RHA S500i


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BrainWavz Delta


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Sennheiser CX 300II


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Phaiser BHS750


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MEE audio M6 Pro


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Sound Magic E10


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RHA MA 350


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TaoTronics TT BH-07


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Sennheiser CX 3.00


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Panasonic RP HJE120


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CB3 Metal


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Best Earbuds under $50

1. Denon AH C50MA



  • Comfrotable Earcushions
  • Perfect audio quality in such a low price.
  • Denon App which gives a user friendly interface.


  • Not any Box available for these earbuds
  • Limited controls on its inline remote.


Denon AH-C50MA is full of features. Here is a brief list of some important features of these earbuds,

  • 9 mm dynamic drivers.
  • The frequency responce of these earbuds is 20Hz to 23KHz
  • These in-ear headphones have gold plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug.
  • You can connect these earbuds with all kind of smart phones.
  • A separate cable is given for Sony Xperia smartphone connectivity.
  • A microphone is integrated for making calls.


Denon AH-C50MA earphones are specially made for audio purists. Instead of wasting time on its look and design, the company has put their full effort on its sound quality and comfort level to make these earbuds as best as they can.

Just like other earbuds, these headphones also comes with some accessories as well. These earbuds come with 4 different sizes of ear cushions (XL, L, S, XS) and a separate cable for sony smartphones.

​There is not any carrying case or something like that. The ear cushions are made up of silicon. Its always hard to find the right match of ear canals, according to my ears S size ear canals were easily fitted in my ears.

Thanks to its shape and elegant design that these earbuds were strongly fitted in my ears and they are so comfy that you will not feel any kind of sore or pain in your ears even after using them for 4 to 5 hours.​

The second thing is the sound quality of these earbuds. As you know its really hard to find the earbuds which are not only cheaper but are also perfect for music enthusiasts. I am not a big fan of Denon's earphones but AH-C50MA has changed my idea with its superb sound quality.​

Everything is just stabled and organized in a good manner to produce high-quality sound. The vocals and music of different instruments will come with different angles.

You will be wondered when you will notice that bass quality and frequency control is mind blowing and can compete for many expensive earbuds easily.​

Its sound quality becomes better and better by increasing its volume and you will not feel any kind of distortion even while jogging.​

​These earbuds have inline remote control as well which gives only limited controls. You can play, pause only and can also pick and end the call from the same button.


​Overall, our team is satisfied with the sound quality and comfort ness of these earbuds.Its app gives you almost same options which can also be used by a music player as well. But you can set equalizer and frequency from its app as well.

​But again as the main thing is the sound quality of any earbuds, so under $50, this is one of the best earbuds with respect to its sound quality.

2. RHA S500i



  • Lovely sound performance.
  • top-notch build quality.
  • Its earpieces are made up of metal.
  • Carrying case is also available.
  • inline remote control and integrated microphone.


  • Treble performance is not up to the mark.
  • Maybe little heavy due to the metal surface.


RHA S500i has some key features which can enforce you to go for these earbuds.

  • These earbuds have 140.1 micro Dynamic drivers which give a pure taste of music.
  • Its inline remote has 3 buttons with multiple controls.
  • its braided cable is tangled free.
  • It comes with 7 pairs of ear tips.
  • 3 Year warranty.
  • These earbuds weigh only 14g.
  • The frequency range is 16 t0 22000Hz.
  • 3.5mm gold plated plug for connectivity.
  • Can be connected with almost all Apple devices.


RHA S500i earphones are the result of extensive research and high build quality. Its high-end sound quality and uncompromising comfort level have made these earbuds our editors choice.

RHA S500i earbuds have more incentives than other earbuds of the same range. After unboxing, you will get a carrying case, 7 pairs of ear tips, an ear tip holder and a shirt clip.

Its ear tips are made up of silicon, six pairs are single flanged and one is double flanged. As these earbuds are made up of aluminum metal which causes a little pain after using them for 3 to 4 hours. But after a short break, you can spend more hours with earbuds as well.

These earbuds have 1.35m long fabric braided cable to overcome tangle. Actually two-part material cable is used the bottom part of the cable is fabric braided and the upper part is made up of TPE material to overcome tangled but still, sometimes it gets tangled. So these earbuds are not 100% tangled free.

As you have noticed that word "i" is attached at the end of its name which means these earbuds were specifically made for iPhone or Apple devices. We tested them with both android and iPhone and noticed that these earbuds were working fine with iPhone.

The working of these earbuds with an android device is limited, its inline remote will give only play/pause and call attends option with android.

The sound performance of these earbuds is different for a different kind of music. Its speaker fully controls the highs and lows of vocals but mids performance is just o.k.

The tone of the treble sometimes becomes harsh, or when the singer will have strong sound or running fast guitar, its treble will become tiring or unpleasant for ears.

But its performance with audio call and normal music is superb. The performance of the bass is also very well for bass lovers.


The RHA S500i earphones could be an excellent choice of earbuds for the normal range of price. Its elegant and stylish design, average sound performance and a number of ear tips have made these earbuds recommended for under $50 price.

3. BrainWavz Delta



  • Valuable sound quality.
  • a comfortable foam of the ear tips.
  • Cheap earbuds.


  • Microphone quality is not so good.
  • Its cable gets tangled.


  • These earbuds have 8mm dynamic drivers for high-quality sound.
  • The range of frequency response is 20 t0 20000Hz.
  • 160 ohms impedance.
  • Fully compatible with both android and iPhone.
  • It has an inline remote and microphone.


Brainwavz company is known for its audio products. We have tested many earbuds under $50, under $40, under $20 etc, and we noticed that most of them have somehow a lack of performance in them. It's also true that we can not expect so many qualities from earbuds which are inexpensive too.

But Brainwavz delta has changed our views, these earbuds are one of best cheap earbuds in the market. After unboxing you will find 3 pairs of ear tips, a shirt clip, a hard carrying case, and a velcro cable tie.

Its silicon ear tips are very comfy and secure to insert in ear canals. We tested these earbuds for 3 to 4 hours and never noticed any kind of pain or sore in our ears. So this is the first reason that we have selected these earbuds in our good list.

The second thing is the sound quality of its speaker which is also remarkable. The mids and highs were fabulous, lows can be muddy but you will not feel any difference. The control of treble and bass is also noteworthy.

We never noticed any distortion or sound of the cable even while jogging. Maybe sometimes you feel a hissy sound so that could be because of its plug. We noticed once a hissy sound but after resetting its plug, the hissy sound was no more.

Its inline remote has 3 buttons which can be used to pause/play and previous/next control also you can answer calls from its mid button.

Here the main thing which really disappointed us is the quality of the microphone. Our reviewers claimed that while making calls the sound was very low. So, if you are buying these earbuds for listening calls then you should go for Sennheiser CX300II or RHA S500i.


As for as its sound quality concerns, these earbuds are the best choice for music lovers. Apart from its microphones quality, everything else has been built in really well.

4. Sennheiser Cx 300II



  • Comfortable
  • High-quality sound
  • Easily portable due to light weight
  • Decent sound isolation.
  • Durable.


  • Too bassy
  • Sturdy connector and soft cable.


If you are merging best affordable earbuds then CX-300 || won't let you down with respect to any aspect. Let's figure out how it works.

  • Asymmetrical shape enables you to enjoy the tangled-free headsets
  • Excellent dynamic speakers deliver you stereo sound
  • Available in three different colors Red, Black, and white
  • Three swappable earplugs.
  • Great clarity.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty pack.


The most important part of a music gadget could definitely be its sound quality and Sennheiser has never compromised with this. The high-quality dynamic speaker systems deliver you incredible stereo sound.

The bass quality of these in-ear headphones is surprisingly powerful but might be offended for the most. The bass lovers can enjoy CX-300 II music inspiration.

When we have to go between wired and wireless cans, the wired headsets would get priority because wireless ones are pretty much underrated as far as sound quality is concerned. The Sennheiser Cx 300 II has a sturdy asymmetric cable that keeps us safe from tangling wires.

The comfort is taken care greatly. The cozy Silicon rubber fits into the ears completely as you can choose the one best fitted from the three removable earplugs.

When you insert your earphones into your ears, these completely fit into and blocks the ambient noise. So, choose the best comfy ear tip and enjoy the music by cutting from your surroundings.

It doesn't take a genius to calculate the CX 300-IIs offer sensational value; they're a simple and extremely effective upgrade. WhatHifi


Overall, this is an awesome audio gadget for which most of the experts has no negative remarks whether it goes to sound, comfort, noise-cancellation or else.For me, it was an incredible experience to have it.

5. Phaiser Bhs-750



  • Light in weight.
  • Noise Isolating.
  • Sweat proof.
  • Punchy sound performance.
  • Bluetooth earbuds.


  • These earbuds are water resistant, not water proof.
  • Treble needs improvement.


Just like phaiser previous model BHS-730, these earbuds have also so many features and some extra features as well.

  • These earbuds have 10mm dynamic speakers and 4.1 Bluetooth technology.
  • Magnet technology is used in these earbuds which keep them close securely when wearing around the neck, So no need to put them in a pocket.
  • The built-in microphone for answering calls.
  • These earbuds come with lifetime sweatproof warranty.
  • A stereo sound technology with heavy bass and light treble.
  • Liquipel nano coating is used to make these earbuds sweat proof.


Phaiser is making their place stronger and stronger in headphones market by manufacturing quality headphones.

Phaiser BHS-750 is the upgraded version of BHS-730 with some improved technologies. So, if you have already used BHS-730 then you can understand the level of performance in BHS-750 as well.

Just like BHS-730, BHS-750 also have many accessories with them. These earbuds have 6 pairs of ear fins, 3 pairs of ear tips and 1 pair of T-400 comply foam ear tip and a lifetime sweat proof warranty card.

Its ear tips are designed in a way that they can securely fit in ear canals and will start acting as a noise canceling headphones. For most of the users, T-400 comply foam ear tips would be better because they are very soft and noise isolating.

But for gym or jogging, T-400 ear tips are not good because they can wet easily. All other pairs of ear tips are also very comfy but not noise isolating.

These earbuds have also inline remote with som control buttons and integrated microphone. Its microphones quality is impeccable. It will silence the music automatically while listening to calls.

We never noticed any kind of low voice problem or distraction while using a microphone. So I would say that in mid range of price getting extraordinary mic quality is a good deal.

Just like its microphone quality, the sound quality of these earbuds is also remarkable. Its stereo sound 10mm dynamic drivers produced a very punchy and HD quality sound.

No matters your are playing or running or in a gym doing some exercise, these earbuds will produce a balanced sound having equal controls on lows, mids, and highs.

​As these are the wireless earbuds so its Bluetooth performance is also really well. I would say that each and everything is built in very precisely and in good manners.


This was Phaiser BHS-750 wireless earbuds in our review. Their HD sound quality, spotless microphone performance, and Bluetooth technology have created a tough competition in mid range of earbuds.

6. MEE Audio M6 Pro



  • Clear sound performance.
  • Stylish and elegant design.
  • Very comfy and cheap earbuds.
  • Noise isolating.


  • Its sound may be little bassy.
  • Its cable is detachable which may loose with the passage of time.


MEE audio M6 pro is another rocket in the market of earbuds with the unique and stylish look and numerous features.

  • These earbuds have 10mm dynamic drivers.
  • Its frequency range is also 20Hz to 20KHz.
  • Impedance is 16ohms at 1K.
  • These earbuds have an omnidirectional microphone.
  • A 1.3m long cable which is detachable.
  • These earbuds have the IPX5 rating of water resistant.


MEE (Music enjoyment for everyone) M6 Pro's first impression was really good for me.Its stylish look, impeccable sound performance and comfy ear tips enforced us to include these earbuds in our under $5o list.

Inside the box, you will get a spare cable, a soft carrying case, 6 pairs of silicon ear tips, a pair of complying memory foam ear tips, 2 shirt clips, 1/4 inch adapter, and M6 pro in-ear monitors with some user manuals.

As for as its ear tips comfortability and shape concerns, you should keep one thing in mind that if these earbuds are mentioned in our list of best earbuds under $50 then they have definitely achieved some standards of quality.

The important thing to discuss is the sound performance of these earbuds. Its 10mm dynamic drivers produced punchy sound according to the type of music. The vocals are detailed and little forward and bass performance is tight.

Its dynamic drivers communicate the music very nicely. These drivers produced a clean screechy sound with punches of drum beats. After putting these earbuds in ear canals you will start feeling like attending the live event or standing in a music studio.

Its omnidirectional microphone quality is remarkable. You don't need to keep its microphone close to your lips. We never noticed any low volume of sound during calls.

The working of inline remote is almost same just like many other earbuds. But the sensitivity of inline remote buttons is really good you don't need to push hard.


We never noticed any kind of distortion in sound or something like that. We are really satisfied with the performance of these earbuds and you will also be very happy for having these cheap earbuds with decent look and quality.

7. Sound Magic E10



  • Metal earpieces ensure durability.
  • Dynamic Drivers.
  • Mind blowing sound quality


  • Bass sometimes feels arrogant.


When you pay for the best you get desired things. The sound magic would be a fair choice among quality and cheap in-ear headphones. Everything has some good and bads, so, let's configure these pluses and negatives by reviewing all the features thoroughly.

  • In-line multi-functioning remote controller.
  • Impedance 16ohms.
  • Frequency 15-22kHz.
  • Sensitivity 100dB.
  • iOS and Android supported.
  • Braided Cable.
  • Earplugs are made of silicon.
  • A Little bit bassy not up to to the extent that we can't afford.


We can never compromise when it comes to sound quality. But in the case of SoundMagic E10, we don't have to be worried about the sound because the dynamic drivers brace the clarity whatever we want to listen to.

At mid range and low range, the bass looks perfectly awesome but at high-end it gets into the dislike list for the most. But if you are going after a highly bassy earphones then SoundMagic E10 will not let you down.

Base is nothing short of spectacular for its class. It's the perfect blend of mid bass punch and sub bass rumble. Hi-Fi

Secondly, the in-line aluminum three button remote controller has put everything in your hands and you can forward your operations by just clicking one of these buttons.

What are the operations you can perform by just pushing these buttons are; forward/backward, play/pause and so on.

One of the most important points of any headphones is, how much it is comfortable with the wearing stand of point. These in-ears come with 4 pairs of different sized silicone ear tips.

You have to go through the flawless one to seal your ears wholly and canceling the outer noise to reach your ears. This does not a mere comfort clinch property, the shirt-clip put it away from your way and eliminates the threat that it could be lost.

The aluminum braided cable has mix critics, for some, it's incredibly nice but for me, it is not. I always feel that the wire might get damaged at any time and if so happens, my pair of ear cans are useless anymore.

Then after this, the only thing I will do is to throw them into waste-basket. But beyond all this, the careful utilization will deliver ultra-durability for maximizing its life.

This is compatible with the iOS and Android smartphone and due to light-weight capability, the cans can be ported anywhere in the globe.​


To finalize my opinion, I have two things to appreciate earphones and these are, its price which is the affordable and sound quality which give you an opportunity to make your time extremely rejoiced.

8. RHA MA 350



  • Metal earcups give strength to its durability.
  • Sound quality meets crystal clarity.
  • Snugly fits into the ears.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Balanced bass.


  • Tangly cables.


If you are looking for a top-notch high-fidelity headphones then you are at the exact place as RHA MA350 is undoubtedly marvelous species of in-ear headphones.

When I first looked on these headsets, I decided to have these splendidly shaped set of earphones. The Logo on the earcups and balanced trebling agreed to have these in-ears.

  • Noise-isolating.
  • Machined aluminum housings and fabric flexible cable.
  • Comes with 3 sets of silicon earplugs.
  • A carry pouch.
  • 1.2m length of cable.
  • Highly portable with 10mm drivers.


If the quality of sound is what you were needing for then everything is in your control. The MA350 exclusively is becoming an extensive choice. The reason is every obvious, these headphones are available at your doorsteps with all the feature a person might wish to see in it.

The 10mm earpieces isolate noise and block the ambient voices from your surroundings. The noise-isolating aspect is trending as without feel the noisy environment around.

Contentment is achieved by the fitting of earpieces into the ears completely and the 3 pairs of earplugs put aside the discomfort as you can try all the ear tips and get the perfectly goes into the ears.

The RHA Ma350 have single flange ear tips which keep the headphones in place into the ears.

The 1.2m braided cable is tangled free which means your hands are free to put them aside from the way again and again. There is no in-line remote controller but a rugged plastic piece divides the cable into to parts and opportune us to use two ear cans. Yeah, it has 3.5mm jack which is stunningly small.

Now when we opened up the package we get the original IEMs, 2 extra pairs of silicon ear tips and a sturdy fabric carry pouch. And yes, the formal guidelines books which are traditionally followed by all the brands.


This one is not the only that are outstanding headphones but these are one of the bests. You will love to afford these headsets at such low prices and quality viewed.

Best Earbuds under $30

9. TaoTronics TT BH-07



  • Light in weight.
  • Low price earbuds having a great quality of sound.
  • Magnetic ear buds so you can wear them around the neck easily.
  • Noise cancelling.
  • Compatible with all android devices.
  • Bluetooth earbuds having 5 hours battery life.


  • The charging cable is very short.


  • CVC noise cancellation technology is used.
  • Sweat proof earbuds suitable for sports and gym.
  • Magnet technology is used.
  • An inline remote with integrated microphone.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology is used.


Taotronics brand is getting familiar day by day. This brand is not so much famous in the market of earphones as compare to jaybird, Sennheiser or Logitech etc.

The reason is very simple because TaoTronics keeps on producing low price earbuds. But if we compare it's under $30 or under $50 earbuds with other known brands then TaoTronic may have beaten them.

This is the reason that Taotronics TT BH-07 earbuds have most positive reviews by users. Its simple and elegant design and comfy ear tips with HD sound quality have made these earbuds one of the best earbuds under $30.

Although they are very cheap earbuds but It doesn't mean that they don't have necessary accessories with them.

Out of the box, you will get a soft carrying case, 3 pairs of ear tips and ear hooks, and a small charging cable with some user manuals.​

​If we talk about the sound quality of these earbuds, we will simply say these earbuds have crystal clear audio quality both for music and calls.

As these are the Bluetooth earbuds so APT-X support for music is used to send full bandwidth from a connected device to earbuds. While listening to music we never noticed any kind of distraction or distortion. The bass quality is balanced with having full controls on Lows, mids, and highs.

The quality of its microphones is much better even better than most of the expensive earbuds.​Its CVC noise canceling feature will never let the ambient noise to come. Now matters you are listening calls or having skype chat these earbuds will never let you down.


These earbuds have a complete package of audio, noise cancellation and sweat-proof technology in such a low range of price.

10. Sennheiser CX 3.00



  • Bassy.
  • Tangle free cable.
  • Angled Earpieces fit into the ears completely.
  • Light weighted.
  • Easily portable.


  • Not so detailed.


I have always been a great fan of Sennheiser In-Ear headphones and they get my due attention when they launched CX 3.00. With the launching these become a well-received set of cans, The peculiar behavior makes it prominent among well-built earphones.

  • Dynamic Speaker drivers.
  • 3.5mm connector.
  • 1.2m cable length.
  • Multiple earplugs.
  • 2-years warranty.


Never mess with its sound quality because Sennheiser always has a great fight to deliver quality headphones. In CX 3.00 the 18 ohms dynamic drivers populate an ultimate clarity in all kind of songs.

Mostly we complain that in-ears are unable to block external sound completely but this model has dropped out our such a mysterious dissatisfaction.

A well-balanced bass handed us over with the listening comfort which means we don't have to face pain in our ears when want to play the heavy bassed playbacks. The end of the day, these are highly acoustic and noise isolating.

The nifty design attracts everyone's attention. The comfort is aimed I think in this version of headsets. The four different sized earplugs option you to choose the one from the multiples to relief yourself while having been listening to music for longer duration.

The sturdy cable is not tangly. The small plastic carry case is comfortable enough to take these set of cans anywhere by just putting these into shiny carry bag. The hefty and shiny plastic 3.5mm gold-plated jack sits parallel to your smartphones.​

Forget about the operations like play/pause, volume up/down, forward/backward and so on due to unavailability of the in-line remote controller.

The in-line remote is not really much compulsory to have because when you want quality then you have to compromise some ordinary features like this one.​

Two years of warranty provide you a slot to claim it as you find any technical damage. The company will entertain your profess within some working days or replace your gadget with the new one.​


The earphones are available in black, white and blah. The flashy Sennheiser's silver logo looks extremely eye-catching. In the end, although these does not have an in-line remote controller or Mic support but still this will value your money in terms of sound, bass, and clear treble details

11. AKG Y20U



  • Stylish design and securely fits in ear canals.
  • Available in 3 colors (teal, yellow, gray).
  • Light in weight.
  • Inline remote with mic.


  • It has single button remote which only works for attending calls.


  • These earbuds have dynamic speakers.
  • Their frequency response is 13Hz to 22.5 KHz.
  • 19mW is its max input power.
  • 16 ohms is its input impedance.


AKG Y20U is the result of our detailed search while we were digging for best earbuds under $30. It's always hard to find the quality headphones in such range of price.

But AKG Y20u's price tag is very low as compared to their sound quality and comforts. These earbuds come with a soft carrying case, 3 pairs of silicon ear tips and some user manuals.

The shape of these earbuds is designed in a way that they can securely fit in ears. Unlike other earbuds, you don't need to put them again and again in ears while running or walking.

Its silicon ear tips will never let you feel pain even listening for hours. These three pairs of silicon ear tips have standard size (S/L/M). You can select according to your ear canals.

The important thing is the sound quality of AKG Y20U earbuds. These earbuds are bassy but its bass does not sweep over the mids or highs. So for bass lovers, these earbuds are a good choice.

Its highs are also elevated so you will not loose details of vocals or guitars. As most of the earbuds have shrilling highs performance but this is not the case with AKG Y20U. These earbuds are specially designed for Rock, pop, and hip-hop music.

Its mic performance is also really well. Your voice receiver will never complain you low volume issue and you will also not feel the same issue at your end. Also, you don't need to keep its mic close to your mouth while talking.


So if you really need earbuds under $30 then you should just give a try to AKG Y20U. These earbuds will never let you down.

The AKG Y20U has everything you need in budget headphones without cash-wasting “extras” you don’t. Lauren Dragen

Best Earbuds under $20

12. Panasonic RP HJE120



  • Ultra noise-isolating.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Swappable ear tips.
  • Highly portable.


  • Cable is too thin and soft that it can easily tangle when you put it in your pocket.
  • The microphone is not built-in.
  • Not bassy.


Money is all about when you are looking for classy headphones but when you are rounding about for a cheap set of cans then Panasonic RP-HJE 120 will get your attention as it is available on Amazon with a great rating and free shipping.

  • 3 pair of ear tips.
  • Compatible with all the devices which use 3.5mm jack.
  • L-shaped jack.
  • 47 inches long cord.
  • Good Stereo quality with neodymium drivers.


When you are scrutinizing for an inexpensive under $20 retail prices earbuds then Panasonic RP-HJE 120 will be there to hypnotize you to get your ultimate attention.

These are not so bassy and noise-canceling but once you wear them you are no more hearings until or unless it is a too loudly voice. When I wear them once my mom has to wave his hands to summon me for dinner from the dining table.

This is not designed for the bass lovers but it outputs all the in-music details.

By paying such a low price for any earphone, you definitely won't expect too many features from it. For instance, there is no in-line remote and if you go through some expensive headsets, some of these don't have too, so, what make difference when you cost little to have great level cans.

The comfortability is taken care by adding three 3 pairs of cups. The buds snugly fit into the ears. Due to low weight, you can take them at your gym and exercise without facing trouble regarding intervening of noise.

The microphone is not built-in, but you can connect RP-HJE 120's L-shaped jack to your smartphone and listen to other end's voice but you have to use your mobile phone's Mic to deliver your voice to the other end.

The device is available in eight dissimilar colors Red, Green, Black, White, Blue, Aqua, Violet. And yes one more final thing, the earbuds are made of silicon.


If we look on the cable which is thin and soft enough that can break easily, then spend some more money to ensure some braided quality cable. Nonetheless, these are affordable low-priced cans and in such prices, your money will get great value.

13. JBL E10



  • Microphone quality is awesome.
  • Inexpensive earbuds.
  • Snug and comfortable fit.
  • Inline remote provide an easy access to the music.


  • tugging the cable will break your headsets.
  • Tangly cable.


The JBL is reliable brand and has designed multiple well-received headphones. Some of these are pricey and some are in reach for the people who can't afford the bulk money. When you have low budget JBL E10 will value your money as it is under 20 dollars.

  • In-line remote controller.
  • 3 pair of earplugs.
  • Built-in Microphone.
  • 3.5mm jack.


​The JBL is a brand which never let your attention to divert. Whatever you expect from these buds it won't let you down at any cost. The sound quality is greatly focused and you can enjoy bass music.

Yes, these are noise-canceling and once putting these into the ears you are no more aware of your surroundings.

The thing anyone might dislike is its thin and soft cable which tangles and is the short length. But the 3 pair of silicon ear-tubes option you to choose the best fitted into your ears. Once you finally put them into the ears, after going through the silicon earplugs, you feel complete comfort and cozy environment.

Earbuds have in-line remote which has only one button on it. Through this button, you can perform the operations like next/previous and control call.

Although this remote does not give you all the functionalities like volume up/down but this is worthy to be called better than some other expensive headsets which are not even furnished with such easy-delivering in-line remote.

The 3.5mm jack is compatible with almost all the devices which have 3.5mm support. But most people will definitely query about whether these are compatible with iPhone, so yes, they are easily connected with iPhone 6 as well.


Everything is all right with these cans. The audiophiles can enjoy the music even on the local bus or train or at the gym and surely you will be like in a music studio where you are nearby by the melodious types of equipment.

14. CB3 Metal Earbuds



  • Comfortable wearing for prolonging music sessions.
  • Microphone works fine.
  • Sturdy material is used.
  • Braided cable is not tangly at all.


  • Not noticed yet.


When I was turning the pages to find out quality headsets of in-ear. I finally somehow managed to get to the CB3 Metal Earbuds. I read reviews from the experts on amazon and decide this is the actually I was searching for. It is not perfect but somewhat closer to the boundaries.

  • Microphone with play/pause and answer calls instantly.
  • Braided cable.
  • Great sounding earphones.
  • Multiple swappable ear tubes.


The thing that made me realize that CB3 premium earbuds are great sounding is when I go through the reviews from the audience on amazon, nobody complained about anything regarding this music sensation.

At the same time, when you order these and find, the company constantly take your feedback every day for a week, this is a peculiar behavior from any company.

As far as sound quality is concerned, you will finally decide after using them that they are among million bucks cans. Once you put them in the ears, you feel that noise is eliminated completely and you are present in the music studio. The bass is perfectly staggering. My one week trial made me decisive that these are highly noise-canceling.

With great build quality, the overall body looks as if these are made of metal like buds, in-line remote, jack are of metal. The braided cable is tangled-free and the breaking fear is limited. Due to all this, some people understand that these are heavy weighted but there is no such concept as these are highly portable and light weighted.

You can easily pause/play music and answer phone calls with the built-in microphone. And in-line metal remote controller gives you these clickity controls.


For me, these were highly inexpensive with a built-in microphone and great durability. This comes with the money back guarantee and the CB3 customer care team serves their consumers seven days a week. Yes, these are available in two colors like Gold and Silver.

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